Citrix XenApp on VMware Best Practices

March 29, 2011

Hi everyone, I am rather sorry for having neglected my blog so long, but in recent weeks work commitments have prevailed. Today I would like to tell you about an interesting document published by VMware in relation to XenApp deployment on their vSphere virtualization platform. read more…


About the release of XenDesktop 5

December 19, 2010

A couple of weeks ago Citrix made available the latest release of its VDI product, XenDesktop 5. This release was expected in a special way either because Citrix announced it since the first week of October at Sinergy Berlin (see my previous post about that announcements), either because XenDesktop 5 is not a simple upgrade, but is a major leap in architecture from previous versions. read more…


Citrix HDX better than PCoIP? VMWare promptly reply to Gartner…

November 23, 2010

Certainly you know that after a co-development with the startup Teradici, VMware launched a software-only version of the remote desktop protocol PC over IP (PCoIP). PCoIP support has been introduced in View 4.0 and it’s obviously still present in the new View 4.5.
Customers interested in VDI have wondered if PCoIP is on par or superior to the Citrix High Definition eXperience (HDX) protocol, an extension of the ICA protocol, introduced with XenDesktop 3.0 in February 2009. There are few benchmarks about the topic, but how the experience will be for the average employee? Chris Wolf, Vice President of Research at Gartner, just provided an answer to this simple(?) question… read more…


Synergy Berlin: Citrix announced XenDesktop 5

October 8, 2010

During these days at Citrix Synergy, the conference where virtualization, networking and cloud computing meet, Citrix Systems unveiled a major new release of Citrix XenDesktop®, the company’s market-leading solution for desktop virtualization. New XenDesktop 5 brings unprecedented levels of simplicity and power to virtual desktops for both users and IT. read more…


Citrix XenServer “Cowley” is now available as beta release

October 7, 2010

Just few days before the Citrix Synergy (the EMEA events where virtualization, networking, cloud computing meets…), Citrix prepare us with a very interesting announcement about XenServer. Only four months after the latest release, now is available the beta of the new XenServer Version, codename project “Cowley“, that should be finally named as 5.6 FP1. read more…


The XenDesktop Design Handbook

August 27, 2010

For all those interested in broadening their knowledge of Fort Lauderdale VDI solution, Citrix XenDesktop, now I want to point out an important section of the Citrix community site (yes I know, it isn’t a great news, it’s available since 2 months ago…) where Daniel Fellel managed to gather in one place all the documents that may be necessary to a XenDesktop architects. read more…


Migrate or not migrate to XenApp6?

July 28, 2010

Last week, on the official Citrix blog, appeared an interesting article about why someone customer should or should not migrate his XenApp farm to version 6. read more…