Citrix release Xendesktop 5.5, XenApp 6.5, new Receiver and XenClient 2.0; VMware replies with vsphere 5

August 25, 2011

Just few days before the opening of VMworld 2011 event in Las Vegas by VMware, yesterday Citrix has released a new version for many of its top products.

So now Xendesktop 5.5 is out , including some new features from the recent acquisition (10th August) of Ringcube, and there is a new version of XenApp, which reaches the 6.5 release.
After some months of beta, the latest Citrix Receiver for Windows (3.0) and Mac (11.4) was also released and finally also Citrix XenClient reaches version 2.0.
So there are quite a bit of news to digest and studying, waiting for any others that are likely to be revealed to the public at Synergy EMEA the next October.
However, we will see what’s new in these new version in the next posts or you can read more in the previous links.
In response to this, today VMware has released version 5.0 of its vSphere hypervisor.

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