About Gartner Magic Quadrant 2011 for x86 virtualization

July 20, 2011

About a month ago Gartner has released, for the second year in a row, his magic quadrant about x86 virtualization.
The basic news is that Citrix has at last entered in the leaders quadrant, and that, along with Microsoft, has joined VMware in this quadrant.
Gartner’s analysis is very detailed and explains all the steps that led to this result. I suggest a full reading of their article at the following Citrix site link. Let me point out the link below to the same report last year, this time (VMware was the only one present in this quadrant) on this page of the VMware site.

Here the images of 2010-2011 Gartner’s quadrants:

A couple of personal considerations: it is true that VMware remains the clear leader in the field of server virtualization,
as is also true that Citrix is ​​the undisputed leader in desktop virtualization, while Microsoft is still a step behind than these 2 competitors mentioned above. Another important thing in my opinion is that the XenServer platform has grown tremendously as a feature as well as adoption, given that more than 50% of XenDesktop deployments are using XenServer,not just because of costs, but based on performance and storage efficiencies.

Furthermore it is interesting to note that, after Gartner’s article, new versions of XenServer (6, now in beta) and vSphere 5, that should be released between the next month of August,have been announced. These new releases, along with several notable enhancements, are oriented to the cloud, a field where, as in the virtual desktop, Citrix is becoming the main antagonist of VMWare.
It’s important to note that, I’d like to talk in more detail in a later article, according to the news received so far about new vSphere licensing criteria, which provides a limitation on VRAM, it could result in many small businesses that use ESXi for free, migrate to different platforms, such as XenServer and Hyper-V, to keep their costs low.. I read many comments about this on the VMware Community (yes, I’m also a VCP…) and I’m waiting to have more precise information on the new licensing model, but it seems that with the free version of ESXi you will be entitled to use only 8 GB of vRAM! Nowadays this amount of RAM is used for some testing lab with the latest notebook…

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