Citrix XenApp on VMware Best Practices

March 29, 2011

Hi everyone, I am rather sorry for having neglected my blog so long, but in recent weeks work commitments have prevailed. Today I would like to tell you about an interesting document published by VMware in relation to XenApp deployment on their vSphere virtualization platform.

Exactly, like the old days when the two companies were partners and fostered the integration of their solutions… As you know, although Citrix claims that XenApp running on XenServer will be able to have a density of users more of what you get with other hypervisors (there are reports from Tolly Group that provide the numerical values), there are a lot of realities in which the dear old Presentation Server is installed on the VMware platform.
So VMware made a guide that provides information about deploying Citrix XenApp in a virtualized environment powered by VMware vSphere. Key considerations are reviewed for architecture, performance, high availability, and design and sizing of virtualized workloads, many of which are based on current customer
deployments of XenApp application servers on VMware. This guide is intended to help IT Administrators and Architects successfully deliver virtualized applications using Citrix XenApp on VMware vSphere.
The following topics are covered in detail:

  • VMware ESX host best practices for Citrix XenApp
  • Virtual hardware, guest operating system, and XenApp best practices
  • Monitoring performance
  • vSphere enhancements for deployment and operations

Click here to download this best practice guide.


  1. I actually would like to bookmark this specific blog post,
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    • Sure you can.

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