About the release of XenDesktop 5

December 19, 2010

A couple of weeks ago Citrix made available the latest release of its VDI product, XenDesktop 5. This release was expected in a special way either because Citrix announced it since the first week of October at Sinergy Berlin (see my previous post about that announcements), either because XenDesktop 5 is not a simple upgrade, but is a major leap in architecture from previous versions.

For the most part the product was rewritten.
Consider, for example, that the installation of the XD Controller is no longer supported on Windows Server 2003 (only Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2) and it should not need more of Terminal Services and no longer use a IMA based architecture (in the previous version the DDC was based on legacy XenApp).
As we can read from this page of the corporate website here is what’s new in this release:

– Rapid virtual desktop management (management console)
The new Citrix Desktop Studio console lets IT administrators quickly build, test and update desktop images in one place, once, for everyone—just 10 minutes to install, 10 clicks to configure and 10 seconds to add new users.

– Efficient centralized support (console for helpdesk)
Citrix Desktop Director now gives helpdesk professionals a single desktop management console where they can monitor, troubleshoot and fix virtual desktops for 1,000 users as easily as for one.

– High scalability
The next-generation Citrix Delivery Controller can broker up to 15,000 virtual desktops from a single server.

– Integration with existing infrastructure
XenDesktop supports hypervisor technology and virtualization management from Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. A new comprehensive SDK lets you integrate and automate XenDesktop with your existing systems management infrastructure.

– Any endpoint device
XenDesktop enables more flexible virtual workstyles by letting users access their applications and data from any location through any device, including the latest iPhone, Android and Blackberry smartphones and the new generation of tablets.

– Anywhere, any user security with Citrix XenVault
Citrix XenVault secures corporate resources delivered to laptops owned by contractors or used by employeesunder a “bring-your-own-computer” program. Any data created by corporate applications is automatically encrypted and can be wiped clean centrally.

High-definition video conferencing
HDX RealTime delivers high-definition webcam and video conferencing while consuming up to 80 percent lessbandwidth—enabling any user, anywhere to participate fully in real-time online communications and collaboration.

– High-performance peripherals
HDX Plug-n-Play now enables even faster printing from any location while using up to 90 percent less bandwidth. Simple, seamless use of USB devices, multiple monitors, MP3 players, scanners and digital cameras provides a rich and complete user experience.

– The most demanding applications
XenDesktop 5 refines the graphics experience with new enhancements that provide the highest quality while adapting to network conditions. New 32-bit color capabilities enables support for high-end graphics applications, while dynamic color compression adapts the color complexity based on network conditions.

– The right desktop for each worker profile
Flexible delivery options, including local VM, streamed VHD, personalized VDI and hosted shared desktops, enable you to meet the requirements of each user type in your organization—guest, remote, mobile, office and task workers—through a single desktop virtualization solution.

– Offline virtualization with XenClient
XenClient lets users work offline for greater flexibility and mobility while supporting VDI-like security and backup and recovery. A bare metal hypervisor lets centrally managed, encrypted virtual desktops run in a secure VM directly on the laptop.

– Authenticate once for any application
Users gain a single point of authentication to access all their applications—including Windows applications hosted on XenApp, Web applications and SaaS applications—through the Citrix Receiver interface, integrated with Citrix Cloud Bridge and Cloud Access technologies.

– On-demand Windows applications by Citrix XenApp
XenApp allows any Windows application to be hosted centrally and delivered for use while online, or streamed directly to the endpoint and run in an isolated environment for offline use.

– Self-service provisioning
Citrix Receiver acts as a storefront where IT can easily advertise available offline and online Windows and Web applications for easy download by users. Integration with Citrix Receiver enables fast, zero-touch install and configuration.

– Simplified, lower-cost application management
XenApp lets you eliminate system conflicts, reduce application regression testing and offload app workloads from physical or virtual desktops, greatly simplifying application management and operational costs.

You can also go here to view a video that provides everything you need to install and configure XenDesktop 5. There are just a few of the sections included in this tutorial: Installing the XD Controller and Virtual Desktop Agent Building and updating the Master Image using Machine Creation Service Evaluating HDX Technologies
Note: Although this video is titled “XD5 Express Edition” the exercises can be used with all editions of the product.

Certainly the new release made Citrix, once again, a step ahead in the VDI marketplace, with a great effort about scalabilty but also on making easier (if possible) the creation and management of a VDI environment. It’ true, fortunately for us who work in that field, that the optimization and tuning of these environments is and will remain subject to the chosen few IT professionals.


Traduzione da Italiano verso Inglese

management of this environment is and will remain subject to the chosen few, fortunately for us who work in the field

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