The XenDesktop Design Handbook

August 27, 2010

For all those interested in broadening their knowledge of Fort Lauderdale VDI solution, Citrix XenDesktop, now I want to point out an important section of the Citrix community site (yes I know, it isn’t a great news, it’s available since 2 months ago…) where Daniel Fellel managed to gather in one place all the documents that may be necessary to a XenDesktop architects.

Design a VDI solution is not easy and having a single kit of manuals, best practices, how to … is an excellent idea and certainly a useful answer for many. Daniel calls this kit of documents “XenDesktop Design Handbook” that is currently divided into three sections:

  • Implementation Guides,
  • Planning Guides,
  • Reference Architectures

that are constantly updated.
Perhaps the greatest benefits is this: you want to know when a new white paper to design XenDesktop is released, or when it comes out a new version replacing the previous one? If you subscribe to the kit, you will be able to receive notifications when updates are made to the Design Handbook.
I read some of those documents (I remember that in order to read the XD Design Handbook you have to login with your MyCitrix account), someone of whom has had a great success within citrix people as the recent “Top 10 Mistakes When Doing Virtual Desktops” or the “Windows 7 Optimization Guide“. There is no doubt that having an overview of these documents helps a lot working on a VDI solutions.
Great job Daniel!


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