HDX Knowledge Base

July 2, 2010

The adoption of VDI technology and the consumers’ choice of one product over another are based increasingly on the so-called “user experience” and how it could not to regret the availability of a physical PC. Citrix calls by the acronym HDX the high standard of user experience that it can provide to users by its flagship product, XenDesktop 4, so that it decides to dedicate to HDX a section of its corporate website.

This section not only shows movies and demos about the various technologies that constitute the HDX solution from Fort Lauderdale, but it shows details and insights. There is also a kind of knowledge base, which collects a series of technical articles, white papers and best practices to tuning and configure the individual technologies and obtain with them the best results. You can find info about:
* Windows Media Redirection
* Flash Redirection
* Audio/Real-Time Communications
* 2D Graphics
* 3D Pro Graphics
* USB Redirection
* General Optimizations
* HDX WAN Optimization

I suggest a look at this KB because it is a section of the Citrix site really interesting…


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