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Migrate or not migrate to XenApp6?

July 28, 2010

Last week, on the official Citrix blog, appeared an interesting article about why someone customer should or should not migrate his XenApp farm to version 6. read more…


Citrix License Server VPX

July 27, 2010

With the release of XenServer 5.6, Citrix announced the availability of a new virtual appliance dedicated to licensing. So if you missed it, Citrix License Server VPX is available for download since June 30th. read more…


HDX Knowledge Base

July 2, 2010

The adoption of VDI technology and the consumers’ choice of one product over another are based increasingly on the so-called “user experience” and how it could not to regret the availability of a physical PC. Citrix calls by the acronym HDX the high standard of user experience that it can provide to users by its flagship product, XenDesktop 4, so that it decides to dedicate to HDX a section of its corporate website. read more…