Citrix Synergy 2010 news summary (part 2)

May 17, 2010

On May 12th and 13th, during Citrix Synergy 2010 in San Francisco, Citrix has made a variety of announcements around desktop virtualization, the datacenter and cloud. They include XenClient and XenServer5.6 availability, news from McAfee and Wyse and much, much more. Let’s we briefly see the most important news coming from Synergy during the second day… During Synergy 2nd day Citrix made the following announcements:

  • XenServer cloud solutions

Citrix announced seven new turnkey solutions that make it easy for cloud providers to deliver practical business services to enterprise customers. The new solutions leverage core Citrix virtualization and networking technologies that are used daily to power the world’s largest and most demanding cloud and internet sites. Unlike proprietary solutions from other virtualization vendors, however, the new Citrix Cloud Solution portfolio is based on an open framework that allows cloud providers to add their own innovation to each solution, creating unique, differentiated services that address real business needs. The initial Citrix Cloud Solutions include:

* On-Boarding – Enables seamless migration of existing applications and workloads into cloud infrastructures, including secure access, optimized network delivery, virtual machine migration and full support for the open virtualization format (OVF). Services based on this solution can dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of datacenter-to-cloud migration.

* Development and Test – Incorporates on-demand application lifecycle management to help organizations cut both the time and budget required to set-up and allocate new infrastructure for test and development workloads in the cloud.

* Disaster Recovery – Helps customers prevent unexpected interruptions to applications and data by leveraging virtualization, storage, data replication and orchestration services to support cloud-based delivery of disaster recovery services. Cloud providers delivering services based on this solution can offer customers a compelling alternative to dedicated ‘hot-site’ standby facilities.

* Compliance – Helps customers in regulated industries meet strict compliance requirements, while providing unparalleled control over sensitive data stored in both enterprise datacenters and public clouds. This approach reduces compliance costs, allowing customers to focus on their core competencies, while bringing proven expertise to industry-specific compliance mandates.

* On-Demand Applications – Transforms traditional Windows enterprise applications into a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that can be delivered over the web as an on-demand service to users anywhere, on any device.

* On-Demand Desktops – Enables enterprise customers to deliver complete Windows virtual desktops from the cloud, combining the cost and manageability benefits of desktop virtualization with cloud elasticity and capacity-on-demand.

* On-Demand Demos – Lets software companies make their product demos available to customers and prospects over the web with no setup, downloads or configuration required.

  • XenServer 5.6

As expected (see my previous post) Citrix announced that XenServer 5.6 will be available the next May 28. The news from this announcement is concerning not the technical features of this new version, already known from the beta release, but a new versioning model, that introduces the Advanced Edition. Let’s we see the different features for every editon:

* The XenServer 5.6 Free edition enhances the existing enterprise features to extend the limits of host memory, CPU, network and operating system support. While the free edition already provides a rich feature set for enterprises to deploy and centrally manage full enterprise-class virtualization on any number of servers with no upfront costs, the enhancements in XenServer 5.6 enable virtualization users to achieve greater server consolidation ratios, flexibility and best-in-class VM density for server, cloud and desktop workloads.

* The new XenServer 5.6 Advanced edition includes everything in the free edition, as well as dynamic memory control, high availability and a host of advanced reporting and alerting capabilities. The Advanced edition is designed to provide a simple and cost-effective solution for enterprise customers and cloud providers to deliver highly available application services from their virtual infrastructure.

* New and enhanced capabilities added to XenServer 5.6 Enterprise include automated workload balancing, host power management, advanced storage integration with StorageLink, live memory snapshots and role based administration. The Enterprise edition has been the primary choice for a majority of XenServer customers because it builds on the enterprise-ready, cloud-proven free edition to enable customers to integrate directly with a wide range of enterprise storage environments. The new XenServer 5.6 Enterprise Edition not only expands StorageLink support, but also adds new features to existing storage management capabilities, enabling customers to optimize application performance, reduce power consumption and define detailed access rules and roles for managing virtualization infrastructures.

* XenServer 5.6 Platinum extends the free, Advanced and Enterprise editions to deliver a suite of IT automation capabilities that help administrators accelerate the delivery of IT services that drive the business. Specifically, XenServer 5.6 adds StorageLink SiteRecovery and a self-service portal extension to Lab Manager. The new SiteRecovery technology provides an automated way to recover from a datacenter outage through a single console that leverages the native capabilities of a customer’s existing storage array. The self-service portal enables employees to quickly access needed IT resources, allowing them to create new environments or use an existing virtual environment, along with on-demand documentation.

The new XenServer Advanced Edition is $1,000 per server, or $30 per month for cloud service providers. The Enterprise and Platinum Editions are $2,500 and $5,000 per server, respectively.

  • Netscaler for Microsoft 2010 applications

Citrix announced its popular NetScaler VPX virtual appliance will add extensive support for business-critical Microsoft datacenter and infrastructure solutions, including Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft System Center and key Microsoft enterprise applications like SharePoint 2010 and Exchange Server 2010.
Here the Key Highlights of this announcement:

* Fully Virtualized Delivery Infrastructure for Microsoft 2010 Apps – Citrix announces the industry’s first fully virtualized delivery infrastructure for Microsoft 2010 applications.

* NetScaler VPX Support Extended to Microsoft Hyper-V – NetScaler VPX virtual appliances now run on Hyper-V, delivering native Windows load balancing, acceleration and security in a flexible range of capacities and cost-effective price points.

* Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and SharePoint 2010 – NetScaler AppExpert Templates support Exchange Server 2010 and SharePoint 2010, making it easy to optimize each application with no networking configuration or knowledge required.

* Simplifies Management of Virtual Delivery Infrastructure – Citrix support for Microsoft System Center enables a unified console to manage and monitor the virtual delivery infrastructure.

  • NetScaler Pay-as-You-Grow “Burst Packs”

During Synergy Citrix also announced new Burst Pack licenses that scale the performance of NetScaler MPX hardware appliance and NetScaler VPX virtual appliance solutions in response to sudden spikes in application traffic. These new licenses deliver needed elasticity to the virtual datacenter, helping customers ensure high availability and performancen during traffic spikes without overpaying for capacity they don’t need under normal conditions.
Here some key features:

* Easy Procurement and Elastic Response – Instead of overpaying for capacity they don’t need, NetScaler customers can now buy 90-day Burst Pack licenses and apply them when sudden traffic surges threaten application performance and availability.

* Compelling Economics and Better Capacity Planning – Burst Pack licenses make it economical to instantly increase datacenter capacity, giving datacenter managers much needed time to plan for permanent capacity upgrades.
* Broad NetScaler Support – Burst Pack licenses can be applied to both NetScaler VPX virtual appliances and NetScaler MPX hardware appliances.

Pricing for NetScaler Pay-as-You-Grow Burst Pack licenses begins at $2000 and will be available later this quarter.


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