Access Gateway 4.6 VPX (virtual appliance) released

February 11, 2010

Good news for all those who appreciate the flexibility and ease of deployment of virtual appliances. Just few days ago Citrix has made available the Citrix Access Gateway 4.6 VPX, a virtual appliance for Citrix XenServer that provides secure access to virtual desktops, applications and data while allowing users to work from anywhere.
It offers the same capabilities as an Access Gateway Standard physical appliance (Model 2010) and is based on version 4.6.2 of firmware.
Unlike the Netscaler VPX, for which there is a version for VMware ESX, the Access Gateway VPX is available (for now) just for the hypervisor from Fort Lauderdale. So that also could serve as an incentive to try the virtualization solution from Citrix …
Once downloaded the image from this link using a MyCitrix account, simply import it on XenServer, launch it and follow the wizard for the initial configuration, just like the physical version. Obviously, a license server must be configured with the appropriate licensing fles.

A couple of years ago, thanks to an article from Thomas Koetzing’s website, I tested the virtualization of an Access Gateway (it was version 4.2 yet) on VMware workstation, and I found it incredibly stable. Now that the virtual version is officially supported by Citrix and runs on a hypervisor as valid as XenServer (before the release, there have been several months of testing with no problems), I invite people to try this because according to me it is a very convenient and effective VPN solution.


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