Installing Windows 2008 R2 (or windows 7) on Xenserver 5.5

October 30, 2009

After the Windows 7 template, let’s we see how is possible to install Windows 2008 R2 on a XenServer 5.5 hypervisor. It’s very simple but it requires a couple of tricks because there isn’t a specific template yet.
First of all I believe that Windows 7 template described in my last post, should work well also with 2008 R2, but I’ll suggest below the steps I used since 2 months ago, that worked perfectly for me.
Here are the steps:

  1. Use Other template and set your memory to 2048
  2. Type xe vm-list from your server console to find your 2008 R2 virtual machine uuid
  3. Type xe vm-param-set uuid= platform:viridian=false
  4. Boot up the virtual machine and install 2008 R2
  5. Install xentools but do not reboot
  6. Uninstall the nic or nics then reboot. The server will find the nic again

I don’ t know exactly why you need step 6. I only can assure that this procedure works great.
Obviously, except for the amount of memory allocation in step 1, this could be a valid method to install Windows 7 on Xenserver 5.5 without the need to import a specific template.


One comment

  1. It’s a shame that to this date it’s still necessary to apply this trick in order to get Windows 2008 R2 working on XenServer 5.6.

    But at least it works.

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