Windows 7 template for XenServer 5.5

October 22, 2009

Today is the “7-day”: after weeks of testing with beta and release candidate, today the latest desktop OS from Redmond becomes worlwide general available. It seems that this OS could be very interesting in VDI environments, so that Citrix XenDesktop 4 and also XenApp 5 FP2 is designed to be fully compliant with Seven.
Conversely XenServer 5.5 doesn’t have a template for Windows 7 yet.

Thanks to Francesco Dipietromaria, author of the most relevant Citrix blog in Italy, now we have an .xva template (“Exported Template”) to load directly with XenCenter into our XenServer hosts. Once loaded, it will appears in the Xenserver Template list and it allows us to create a Windows 7 virtual machine and install it from CD-ROM or from ISO image in a simply and quickly way.
You can download this template here.
If you need more information, about removing this template for example, you can read this post (English version) from Francesco’s blog.


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