Feature Pack 2 for XenApp 5 available from today

September 29, 2009

From this night Feature Pack 2 for XenApp 5 is available for download at the citrix website.
It isn’t only a series of fixes but it introduces “more than 50 new features and enhancements to streamline IT management and enhance the user experience…making it the fastest and most powerful XenApp yet“. It is available for 2003 and 2008 Windows OS version, with many features developed specifically for the 2003, a clear signal that 2003 will be tough to die, at least in TS/SBC environment.

Let’s see some of this new features:

  • VM hosted apps – It make possible to publish applications installed on the desktop virtual machines with XP, Vista, 7.
  • Windows 7 and Windows Mobile support.
  • Streamed application performance.
  • Power and Capacity Management (only for 2003) -This feature will help to keep sessions consolidated on fewer servers (virtual or physical ones), while maintaining adequate user performance. It could allow large energy savings, think at green IT…
  • Provisioning Services – new version 5.1 SP1.
  • Service Monitoring.
  • Workflow Studio 2.0.
  • HDX MediaStream for Flash (only for 2003) – Flash movies can be redirected to server without impact network performance.
  • Hot Plug and Play for USB storage devices (only for 2003) – Connect USB devices without having to close and open the ICA session again.
  • Profile management – new version 2.1.
  • EasyCall voice services.

To download FP2 for XenApp 5 you can go here, after the login with your MyCitrix credential.
If you need a technical guide for upgrade/migration you can read document CTX122303.
If you want to know more you can read this article or this one, that explains all the new features of FP2.


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