Vizioncore release for free 3 of its main products

September 21, 2009

Some days ago Vizioncore relesed for free three of its main products: vControl 1.6.5, vConverter SC 4.2 and vOptimizer WasteFinder 2.2.
These product have some limitation respect of the corresponding paid ones, but give us many interesting features for our virtual environment at no cost.
With free vControl we are able to manage heterogeneous virtual environment, without the automation engine that is available under payment.
Probably vConverter SC is the most famous of these 3 product an it is largely used for P2V and V2v conversion, essentially in the consolidation tasks. The free version doesn’ support incremental P2V/V2V and live migration, but has some advanced features like cloning for file or block level, conversion in parallel, etc.
This 2 products work with vmware ESX/Vsphere, Microsoft Hyper-v and Citrix XenServer; I have found many times vConverter mentioned in several articles for its compatibility with the Citrix virtualization Platform. I have tried the vConverter SC with Vmware and IMHO is a very good product, very useful in a virtual environment.
The last product released for free is vOptimizer WasteFinder. As you can read here, “it is a subset of the vOptimizer Pro product, which only does two things: it scans the vCenter database to find allocated and wasted virtual storage and to find those virtual machines that are not aligned on 64K partition boundaries.
The key difference with the fully-featured product is that WasteFinder cannot actually reclaim the wasted space or realign the VMs after the first two operations.



  1. I have to do a small correction to my post: if you go to the free products section of the Vizioncore corporate website, you can find that there are 4 products released for free, not only 3 as I said above…
    The fourth product is Virtualization Ecoshell, that “provides a simple, consistent, and integrated management user interface for creating, debugging and simplifying the management of Windows PowerShell scripts with robust scripting capabilities”.
    Anyway IMHO vConverter and vControl are probably the Vizioncore’s products that will have the larger audience in the virtualization market, and for that reason their release for free had a great echo.

  2. vConverter 4.2 SC is no longer available. Its replacement, vConverter 5.x does not support Citrix XenServer. I wish I could find the vConverter 4.2 SC, but it seems impossible to find on the net. Links to the dead download page which directly forwards you to the newer product.
    It sux. It was a great tool. One of the best there were.

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