Presentation Server 4.5 EoM: the same as XenApp 5.0

September 7, 2009

Citrix has recently announced that the End of Maintenance date for XenApp 4.5 is bringing into line with the EoM date for XenApp 5.0, on 30th September 2012.
This is going to be welcome news for larger XenApp 4.5 customers who were planning on skipping 5.0 and moving straight up to the XenApp 6.0 release (this remember me how many people was waiting in a similar way for the XP -> 7.0 upgrade version of Windows skipping the Vista release; Vista effectively has many weaknesses, while XenApp 5 has very few enhancements respects of 4.5, if we are talking about server 2003 release, but for the 2008 version is something completely different…).
On the other hand this choise will cost Citrix very little from a support perspective considering the amount of code that is common across both platforms.
If you are intested on retrieving an useful matrix of Citrix product with their End of Sales (EoS), End of Maintenance (EoM), End of Life (EoF) and the relative Notice of Status Change (NSC), you can find this information here.


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