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Feature Pack 2 for XenApp 5 available from today

September 29, 2009

From this night Feature Pack 2 for XenApp 5 is available for download at the citrix website.
It isn’t only a series of fixes but it introduces “more than 50 new features and enhancements to streamline IT management and enhance the user experience…making it the fastest and most powerful XenApp yet“. It is available for 2003 and 2008 Windows OS version, with many features developed specifically for the 2003, a clear signal that 2003 will be tough to die, at least in TS/SBC environment. read more…

h1 available!!

September 28, 2009

A little information about this blog: now if you want to visit it you can simply type “” on your browser and you will be redirect to my blog’s home at the wordpress site.
Cheers, Xengeek.


Vizioncore release for free 3 of its main products

September 21, 2009

Some days ago Vizioncore relesed for free three of its main products: vControl 1.6.5, vConverter SC 4.2 and vOptimizer WasteFinder 2.2.
These product have some limitation respect of the corresponding paid ones, but give us many interesting features for our virtual environment at no cost. read more…


XenApp 5.0 on 2008 R2? Citrix says: not yet!

September 16, 2009

Although some customers and Microsoft partners already have access to RTM version of Windows server 2008 R2, this OS version from the Redmond’s software house is still not supported for XenApp 5.0 installation. read more…


Presentation Server 4.5 EoM: the same as XenApp 5.0

September 7, 2009

Citrix has recently announced that the End of Maintenance date for XenApp 4.5 is bringing into line with the EoM date for XenApp 5.0, on 30th September 2012. read more…


The Citrix answer to VMworld about cloud computing

September 5, 2009

Few days ago Citrix announced many interestings news, as to mitigate the customers impact of the information that would arrive this week from its direct competitor VMware during VMworld 2009. I remember that VMware conference this year have a major focus on cloud computing. read more…