Proof of Concept XenDesktop vs VMware View

August 30, 2009

Surfing the Internet yesterday I’ve found an interesting video on YouTube about a comparison between VMware View and XenDesktop.
Here the video:

This video is made of two parts:
1. Playing a simple 480p movie on XenDesktop and VMware View to see if HDX has added value.
2. Playing a PowerPoint 2007.
We can see that using XenDesktop there is a best user experience and playing video and ppt presentation appears fluent while with XenDesktop the scene changes were made “in jerks”. So that at the end of the video running on VMware View it has accumulated a few seconds of delay respect of the video playing on XenDesktop.
IMHO probably the HDX is not the only cause of this better performance of XenDesktop, but this may be due to historical superiority (compression algorithm and many other features) of the ICA protocol respect of the RDP one.
So I think that XenDesktop could overcome View in a more heavily way if a comparison will be made in WAN environment rather than a LAN one.


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