XenServer installed in more than 10% of Global Fortune 500

August 19, 2009

Exactly a week ago Citrix announced that “more than 10 percent of Global Fortune 500 companies have downloaded and activated its Citrix® XenServer™ virtualization platform for production use in the last four months, with activations among large enterprises spiking significantly after the release of XenServer 5.5 in June“.
This release added a wide range of enterprise-class capabilities (I remember XenMotion for example) to the Fort Lauderdale’s FREE hypervisor, so that the Burton Group certified this release as one of the 2 hypervisors in the market that meets 100% of required features for enterprise production.
I would remember that Vmware claims its adoption in 100% in Fortune 100 and 98% in Fortune 500 companies, while Microsoft, about 3 weeks ago, announced Hyper-V reached 24% of virtualization market share. As indicated by an old saying, everybody pull the water to his mill, and could intepret market data in his favor.
I would like to emphasize 2 points:
1) Citrix reached a huge achievement doing an extraordinary growth in so short a time, also if probably many XenServer installation is side by side with Vmware ones and not replaced them (not yet…)
2) Considering the Hyper-V figures, Citrix demonstrates a very huge foresight, when about a month ago, released Essential for Hyper-V for free (limited to 2 hosts and a single FC or ISCSI array, see here). It seems that using its partnership with Microsoft, Citrix could easily introduce its products in SMB enterprise, and then expand its product portfolio inside them with the most complete solution of its Delivery Datacenter.
For more information about this Citrix announcement you can read this article).


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  1. […] enterprise customers who have activated XenServer for production use has more than doubled respect this my previous post, and now represents 20 percent of the Global Fortune […]

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