Citrix face to face with Vmware in the VDI war

August 17, 2009

Only two years ago Citrix, with the acquisition of XenSource, officially entered in the virtualization market, in direct competition with the former partner VMware, which until then was an absolute monopolist in that IT field. Until now Citrix has always been rather cautious and developed its virtualization solution without going openly against its direct competitor, but now this scenario is changing…
I remember that in various TUD (Technical Update) during 2008, making some comparison with the Palo Alto software house’s products, Citrix people called them “software of THE OTHER GUYS…” not to mention the competition.
But now, after 2 years of rapid and significant improvements (I remember XenServer for free for example…), the time is ripe to collect as sown and so Citrix directly address competition against Vmware, publishing on the corporate website an interesting article: Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View: Which Is the Best VDI Solution?
Thanks also to the criticism for Vmware’s VDI solution by Brian Madden (see my previous post here), Citrix published a matrix (Dare to Compare), showing all the strengths in which the VDI solution in Fort Lauderdale over the competition.
Customers will have the last world, but finally Citrix seems ready more than ever to be relied in the virtualization market.


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