It’s the time for VDI, isn’t it? Vmware seems to be skeptical, but not Citrix…

August 10, 2009

Probably VDI is one of the most important ground of comparison in the virtualization market.
And probably VDI will be “the next step” of virtualization adoption in the enterprise IT, after consolidation projects which have driven so far the utilization of the various hypervisors.
But it the time ripe for VDI adoption?
According to Vmware CEO Paul Maritz “a serious adoption of VDI won’t happen before another one or two years“. It seems quite strange that Vmware is skeptical itself about his VDI products (Vmware View) and about its appeal for the Enterprise market, so that Maritz said his company secured only two ELAs (Enterprise License Agreements) in Q2 2009.
Conversely Mark Templeton, CEO at Citrix, announced 200 new customer in the same period, 10 of them with more than 1000 virtual desktops, demonstrating the reliability and regard that XenDesktop solution is achieving in the VDI market.
For more information you can read this article by Alessandro Perilli publish in his well-known virtualization blog.


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