Brian Madden against Vmware VDI

August 2, 2009

Some days ago Brian Madden, well-known guru about Citrix, terminal services and virtualization, wrote a post on his site/blog with polemical tone concerning Vmware View, the VDI solution of the Palo Alto software house.
He said “…what exactly is View? It’s printing technology they licensed from ThinPrint. It’s some protocol enhancements they licensed from Wyse. It’s a few setup scripts that configure your user data drives. It’s a connection broker that they bought, threw away, and completely rewrote in a panic. It’s an app virtualization engine with no ability to target and deploy the apps…
Brian said that probably Vmware has the best hypervisor, but that is not enough to obtain a valid VDI solution…
I suggest reading here the full Brian Madden post to learn more.


One comment

  1. […] Thanks also to the criticism for Vmware’s VDI solution by Brian Madden (see my previous post here), Citrix published a matrix (Dare to Compare), showing all the strengths in which the VDI solution […]

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