Citrix Live Tour 2009

July 30, 2009

Also this year Citrix Italy organized the annual summit about its product, involving partners and customers in two date: July 7th in Milan and July 9th in Rome. This year the main theme was: “Can virtualization optimize your investments and reduce IT costs?“, a subject, the reduction of IT costs, really heart-felt from enterprises in this period of worldwide financial crisis.
I was present at Rome event, which had many interesting presentations made by Citrix people and by the IT staff of other companies.
I would give prominence to Ivan Riservato speech; he is a great technician working at Citrix Consulting Southern Europe. With his intervention he transmits to all the audience the enthusiasm of working for Citrix, an enterprise which leads the innovation (do you know Gartner quadrant and the sector reserved to “visionary” companies?). In my opinion the must of his speaking was when he ventures some hypothesies about the future of Citrix product for the next 5-10 years, an authentic era in the IT world. So we know a little more about the Citrix vision and its relashionship with cloud computing: from the “Software as Service” to “Infrastructure as a Service” finally to “Platform as a Service”…Thanks Ivan!!


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